Cities Matter

Capacity building in sub-Saharan African megacities for transformational climate change mitigation

This programme aims to support C40 member cities in sub-Saharan Africa to develop robust, long-term climate action plans that align with the goals of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement, and that will catalyse transformative climate action that drives ambitious GHG reductions while enhancing climate resilience and addressing social and economic development needs. Enhanced linkages between city and national climate action will be promoted through dialogue and adoption of city actions in national NDCs and NAMAs.

SEA being a key partner in this project will be involved in the following activities:

  • Build technical capacity within nine African cities to deliver long-term, 1.5˚C compliant climate action plans;
  • Embed a C40 City Adviser in each participating city to act as a focal point for climate action planning, engage internal and external stakeholders, facilitate knowledge transfer across the region, and ensure sustainability following project completion;
  • Facilitate a series of in-city workshops, complemented by regional workshops, to build capacity and enable peer-to-peer interaction and learning;
  • Engage national and city governments in developing a framework for vertical integration of city climate action with country-specific recommendations.

Donor: C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
Project timeframe: April 2018 - September 2020
Project manager: Megan Euston-Brown