Sustainable Energy Africa reaches its 20-year milestone

SEA turns 20 this year - an exciting milestone, achieved with the support of a strong network of partners and donors cultivated and sustained over the years. Given this long history in the energy space, SEA takes this opportunity to reflect on the substantial changes observed over the past two decades. In 2000, the role and scale of energy consumption in cities, in relation to the national energy picture, was unknown. Today, cities are renowned as important players in the rapid deployment of renewable energy, as drivers of large-scale efficiency programmes and projects, and as key partners in reaching national climate change mitigation targets. Close to one gigawatt of small-scale renewable energy generation is already in place, facilitated through City approval processes, while four of the metros are poised to establish net zero carbon requirements for all new buildings from 2030. Post the 2020 State of the Nation Address, the big challenge for local municipalities is being enabled to procure renewable energy, from Independent Power Producers in a manner that provides the greatest benefit to the country as a whole.