Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) promotes equitable, low carbon, clean energy development in urban South Africa and Africa. We do this through research, capacity building, policy engagement and information dissemination.

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Urban Energy Support is an information portal of relevant documents and resources, with an emphasis on practical tools and guides to support the transition towards sustainable local energy development and a low carbon trajectory for the country in the context of global climate change.

What’s new

New project fosters climate change policy alignment amongst all spheres of government
adelphi, SEA and OneWorld have partnered in a four-year project which aims to strengthen vertical coordination relating to low-emission development amongst national, provincial and local government. The project aims to stimulate learnings and knowledge transfer between the spheres of government. It intends to strengthen the implementing capacities of local government in order to meet national climate change targets and priorities. Read about the key activities here.

From poo to electricity - how much can SA wastewater plants produce?
SALGA and SAGEN have developed a tool to assist municipalities in determining the biogas potential from their wastewater treatment plants. The tool is designed to provide high-level results that will allow a municipality to decide if this technology should be pursued.

EThekwini launches a nifty web-based interactive tool to determine solar rooftop feasibility
Another first for eThekwini - As part of the Durban Solar City Framework to stimulate PV uptake, the Durban Solar Map allows residents to calculate the financial viability of a PV installation on their roof.

Hot off the press - State of Energy in South African Cities, 2015
This report produced by the City Energy Support Unit of Sustainable Energy Africa provides an update on the 2006 report. It attempts to contribute to the body of work detailing and documenting city work and the policy arena relating to energy development.

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WARNING: Scammers in Durban and Eastern Cape
Please be warned of scammers posing as Sustainable Energy Africa operating in the Durban and Eastern Cape areas. These scammers are accepting payment for the instalment of solar water heaters and other domestic equipment and not returning. Please note that SEA does not sell nor install any equipment. If you have been approached or have any information, please do let us know. Any information to track down these con artists will be useful. Please call Mukta Govan at 021 702 3622.